Allow myself to introduce myself

So you clicked here hoping to find out a little bit more about me? That’s sweet, I appreciate that

I was born in a small country town and have since moved to a bigger country town with my fiance, English Staffordshire who thinks/knows that she is a people.

In between a small country town and a bigger country town I’ve managed to see Hollywood, Seattle, Cambodia and New York where I called home for seven months.  The more of the world I see the better and the quicker I get to see it, even better.

My favourite activities include watching ridiculous amounts of reality TV and the Crime channel and of course looking at all the different places of the world I want to see and seeing all the different places of the world; in saying that I have only seen Cambodia once and USA twice…THERE IS SO MUCH LEFT!!

Since moving out on my own with my fiance there’s been a whole ‘who am I’ thought that has started so as scared as it sounds, I’m so excited to find my place in the world and find out what that means.

Well, now you know me a little better. So you guess now you can either continue following my life and share some of yours if you want. Just click the icon of your choice in the sidebar.

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Love love xx