2019- Happy New Year!

Hello my loves!

A new year is upon us and thus it is the time for all of us to set those all too popular resolutions; I am going to set some this year, but I am going to set some…differently.

Instead of either a long list of one hundred thousand things I want to accomplish in 2019 or have one or two vague ‘be happy’ or ‘lose weight’ resolutions, I have thought about what I really want and then how to get them without realizing I am fulfilling a goal. Using this ‘method’ I will ideally focus on simply living to enjoy rather than living to complete these resolutions but having no substance behind them other than the fact they are a resolution.

Resolution One- Say ‘Yes’ to more things. This one is pretty obvious but it is one that I have set every year since seeing ‘Yes Man’ in 2008. Unlike Jim Carey, I never intend on saying ‘yes’ to EVERYTHING, however, I always intend to open my mind to new experiences and be involved in as many adventures as I can. So far, I have agreed to participate in the Tough Mudder marathon in October and am already planning a trip to New York with my mum and soon to be husband for next year. See, it is working already!

Resolution Two- Practice yoga at least four days a week and participate in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes at least three days a week. This falls into the ‘Lose Weight’ category of many of our resolutions, but, instead of setting a weight goal or worrying about what the scales say, I am simply going to make sure every day is an active day. Forget the scales, forget the size tag on my clothes, for now, I simply plan on making sure I am active every day. It is January 6 and I am failing but that is okay, classes start again tomorrow!

Resolution Three- You bought two journals…USE THEM! This falls into the ‘Get Organised’ category of our lives. I bought myself a daily journal and a yoga journal from dailygreatness.com.au/. Guys, you MUST look into this, not only will it help you organise your day, there are areas on each page for goal setting and reflection, everything you need to make sure you are doing what is best for YOU. (That was not a paid plug, I just really really love a good journal!)

Resolution Four- Meditate, meditate, meditate!! Whilst I am all for #selflove and being true to yourself, I. Need. To. Calm. DOWN! I want to learn how to stay calm in stressful situations and let know of negativity. I want to be the best Kim I can be and I want to be a relaxed and insightful Kim. Whilst you can meditate anywhere from five minutes to five hours, I feel like 10 minutes every night to allow myself some me time and some reflection time will suffice. This way there is always room to extend the time and I always always ALWAYS stick to the reflection areas in my journals; two birds, (or resolutions), with one stone!

Resolution Five- This website. If I’m being really honest, I dream would be to earn a living from this website and give away the 9-5. Actually, if I am being really super honest, my goal is to be a Real Housewife, but I guess I will just stick to writing about it for now. Anyway. Either way, I want to travel more, spend as much time with my loves as I can, and spend less time in an office. The only way that this adventure and goal would be a success is if I work my little tokus off and be attentive to this website and constantly improving my writing style and my stories. My goal is two write at least two posts a week- you guys are important to me so please please please give me your advice, your critics and your feedback!

That is it! Those are my resolutions, nothing too big, nothing too extensive, just enough to make sure I always look for adventures and grow my soul in a positive and enlightening way. I will absolutely keep you updated and strongly encourage you all to share your resolutions; we should all support each other to be bigger, better and stronger.

Happy New Year and Good Luck!

Love love xx

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