Number SIX- Grand Canyon- USA. Drinks in a big hole in the ground.

Las Vegas. One week.  Another check off the ‘To Do’ list, the last leg of my summer abroad in America and the last week Annie and had on our bestie adventure.

Now, if you wanna have a good time in Vegas and see everything that it has to offer one way to get the job done is COUPONS!

On our first day, we found one of the many many coupons kiosks and vendors that are along the Las Vegas Strip.  Be picky with the vendors you go with, some will require you to buy coupon books and depending on what your plans for your time in Vegas only one or two may be helpful.

At the end of the day they want your business so for the most part we were able to get a lot of what we wanted, if you look around enough you can usually find ones who know a guys who knows a girl who can get you some pretty good deals on food, shows and it our case – a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon for breakfast.


Honestly, I can’t remember how much we paid for our Grand Canyon tour and lets face facts, it was four years ago, prices go up and down all the time BUT we were very impressed by the prices we were given to fly into a big hole in the Earth with Papillon; again shop around guys but I’ll still recommend what we went with because well, we were happy.

So, I know this will sound obvious but bright lights big city can get in the way of logic, but just so you know; you can go on a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon any time during the day, if you want to have a Champagne breakfast…you have to get up fucking EARLY!

If you stay on a hotel on the Vegas strip there are shuttle buses that will come get you. We were told the shuttle bus from our hotel would pick us up at 5am. This meant that we had to be up at 4:30am at the latest (our plan) and so we decided we would just ‘stay up and drink’ till then. I do NOT recommend this…but I kind of do at the same time. You do you on this one.

Once we were picked up by the shuttle bus and taken to the airport there was a really short wait and before we knew it…we were asleep on a helicopter going over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead- I was awake for the flight back so I got to see these.

There were two other people and the pilot with us who were all so nice; the pilot acted as a tour guide giving us information about everything we were flying over and when Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival played it was just…THE BEST.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The whole trip itself from hotel and back is about four and a half hours including 30 minutes to and from the Canyon and 30 minutes for champagne and a look around. I know it might not sound like long on the ground but the flight to and from is absolutely amazing.

If flights aren’t your thing there are many other ways to see this natural wonder of the world; there are cars, buses horses and sky walks that will take your breath away and you’ll love every moment. Me? I will always recommend a helicopter and champagne but whichever you choose you’ll never regret seeing the Grand Canyon.



What To Bring on the flight:
  • Bring your I.D. -Everyone on the flight must have a Driver’s License or passport -anything government official.
  • A jumper (sweater) or jacket…it can get chilly down there!
  • Proper shoes…guys you’re about to go into a giant hole in the ground. Heels, thongs (flip flops) is not the time or place
  • Your camera/phone!!! This is one of those times that you’ll kick yourself if you don’t get photos of the views and spectacular sites that you will see.

Enjoy xx

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