My Road to Fitness: Plan B


So. The 30 day Yoga Challenge did NOT work at all…and by not work, my commitment to the task did not work..but not because of the programs, because I sucked at following them, and I think I know why….I was lazy and the same thing every day is boring SO let’s try for a Plan B. Now, remember, just because doing yoga for 30 days in a row was not something I was prepared to commit to that does not mean it’s something to shun completely, what works for me might not work for you, and that’s OK too.

It takes 28 days to change a lifestyle however 28 days is a LONG time when you have not been physically active in a LONG time; it can be daunting to think that every day you have to do something active so I think it’s important that you mix it up and have a few different options, not only to try new things but the key to being active is to enjoy it.

For me, I love MMA lessons, I used to love running and weight lifting and I want to get better at yoga so why not incorporate all four activities in the least overwhelming way possible.

My plan is simple, exercise every day, but not the same exercise every day. By my calculations using a series of four different ways of being physically active ideally

A: I won’t be bored and can actually commit to a fitness regime and

B: having a range of different activities will keep the body guessing and might just help with some effective weight loss.

So, I guess if I’m telling you the plan, I need to tell you what I will USE for the plan.

Keep in mind, I do NOT get paid to advertise anything that I use or participate in and I WILL be honest about what is and is not working, but I will tell you where I get any equipment or find new programs. Also remember, I am no expert this is what I AM trying for ME if you decide to give it a crack then you have my full support, if you find something that works better for you, share with us.

  • Activity One- MMA classes. One hour, twice a week. I will discuss this more as time goes on, I’ve only just started so in fairness I don’t know what I’m talking about yet.


  • Activity Two- The 30 Day Yoga Challenge as spoken about here– it’s just going to take me longer than 30 days to complete it- and I’m OK with that.  I will talk about this more as I go to to give you guys some insight about my progress.



  • Activity Three- C210k running program. It’s a three-day a week program that trains you to run 10 kilometers or 6.2 miles in 15 weeks. You can download the app of Google Play and ITunes.



  • Activity Four- The BodyBoss Method. I have recently purchased this book and online program which runs for 16 weeks – four weeks pre training, 12 weeks training – and focusing on High Intensity Internal Training (HIIT). I was MEANT to start it 10 days ago on the 1st of December so by New Years Day I could have started the 12 weeks so I will try to catch up..but I make no promises….


I promise to continue to check in with you guys about how I’m going, I’ll include body measurement and progress shots as well and any tips and tricks I pick up along the way and please ask me any questions about this you want. I want us to help each other, getting fit, exercising and generally trying to be a happier, healthier person is hard enough without us trying to bring each other down.

Alright guys wish me luck!

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