Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List, or as I like to call it my ‘To Do’ list.

Ladies and gentleman I would like to introduce you to my new To Do List otherwise known as ‘The Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List’ . This magical list was published in 2015 however, given that my goal is to see the world, I feel like this is the best place for me to start!

Lonely Planet has compiled a list of the most amazing sights and scenes in the world from the entire collections of Lonely Planet books so when it comes to a travel to do list, this is the place to start. It also comes with a Top 100 poster that I have hung above my desk to remind me that I have 100 reasons to get my ass on a plane!


In my quest to see the world and everything that it has to offer I have started to use this as my guide to plan my travels and adventures; the more I read through it the more I realise I have to see but at the very least I can tell you all about what I have seen.

Below is the list of list I have completed and the links for you to read all about my experiences, loves and loses.



Nine down 491.

  • No. 001 Temples of Angkor: Cambodia. Seen in 2013 during my volunteer trip. Read about the temples here OR read about the whole trip here
  • No. 006 Grand Canyon National Park-Arizona, USA. Seen during my 2014 summer in USA.
  • No. 109 Empire State Building – New York, USA. 2014.
  • No. 012 Twelve Apostles – Victoria, Australia. To be honest guys, I live in the state of Victoria so I’ve been there once or twice…I wouldn’t be able to call myself much of a traveler if I hadn’t.
  • No. 032 Cradle Mountain -Tasmania, Australia. I went there when I was..eight? Rained a lot.
  • No. 057 Sydney Opera House. Sydney, Australia. Seen in 2009.
  • No. 208 Times Square – New York, USA. 2014.
  • No. 101 Golden Gate Bridge- San Francisco, USA. 2006- School Trip.
  • No. 111 Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

Rest assured, as I write this list, the usual anxiety of not traveling and the intense burning desire to travel has begun and I have already caused a very heated discussion between my fiance and I as to why we are working like schmucks instead of leaving on a plane, any plane tomorrow…whoops.



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