Same Sex Marriage, Why is it my business??

Ok. So. Be prepared to whoever reads this. This will be a loooooooooong ass rant. I am mad. I am offended. I am really confused. Why. Is. Same. Sex. Marriage. My. Business?

Before I get further I’m going to answer the question right now…yes I am 100% FOR same-sex marriage. I will always vote for someone to be able to love and marry someone else no matter what gender, colour, religion or dietary requirements; as long as you are two consenting- hell if you are three consenting adults you go Glen CoCo, you do you and you do it all day every day! I could not be more supportive of legalisation for same sex marriage…I’m just WONDERING why it matters to anyone (including me) who is not homosexual whether or not two other homosexuals decide to get married!

Depending on where you’re from you would have heard, Australia is going through a referendum which means Australians now have to vote if same-sex marriage should be legal, ideally (speaking only for myself here) with the outcome of ‘Yes’.

I have been thinking about this for…about two weeks, trying to figure out what to write, trying to find evidence to support my opinion and then I realised..this is my opinion, not an essay so I’m just going to write and go from there…because in a really kind of depressing way that is what this whole vote has amounted to…opinion. This is why it bothers me so much, this is why I am so offended, because although I am so aware that this is how a democracy works and without the public opinion society cannot move forward BUT, why does it matter what my opinion is on same-sex marriage; what gives me, a heterosexual woman living in a first world country, the right to decide if two people who love each other are allowed to get married?!

This is the thing, this is my opinion. What goes down in the bedroom is two consenting adults is NONE of my business, it is none of my business, it is none of your business, as a collective group of people, it is none of OUR business if two men or two women are attracted to each other or in love and want to have sex, get married, or have children. If people are not hurting other people why the fuck (yes I’m going to swear, deal) does it matter who they marry. One of my best friends is gay, he is actually a groomsman in my wedding, and it makes me SO angry that I have to discuss centerpieces, table settings and flower arrangements with someone who I know cannot marry his partner without the vote of complete strangers…who don’t even know him, who don’t even know that he is gay and don’t even know what he and his partner do for a living.

At 26-years-old, if something does not affect me, or hurt me or anyone I love I honestly do not give a shit! I want to know: A-why everyone else cares so much what complete strangers do with their time, money and energy and B-why in 2017 when we live in a first world society a homosexual needs permission from ANYONE to do anything. Why do homosexual people need the permission from people who don’t even know them or have ever met them or will ever meet them in order to get married. I actually find it disgusting.

AND ANOTHER THING! I am seeing, mainly on social media, instead of having a conversation/debate with someone about this, the argument turns into a slinging match of who can throw out the best insult instead of actually discussing the topic at hand. Instead of actually sitting down and saying ‘I agree, you disagree, let’s discuss this so we can understand;’ it just turns into a shit fight of who is more ignorant and ‘stupid’ than the other.

So, this is what I want. To anyone that reads this, I want an actual conversation, an actual reason, an actual intelligent argument that tells me why same-sex marriage should not be legal and WHY IT’S OUR BUSINESS!! I want an actual conversation with someone who knows that I am for same sex marriage and I know they are against same sex marriage. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind and I don’t want to change that person’s mind, but I want a conversation, to understand, to actually get to the point of this supposed issue…and I don’t want to hear ‘Because God said’, I don’t want to hear ‘Marriage is meant to be between a man and a woman’ I want to know WHY you?! HOW ARE YOU BEING AFFECTED BY COMPLETE STRANGERS BEING IN A SAM SEX RELATIONSHIP AND GETTING MARRIED?!

Years ago, slavery was abolished…the world did not end. Women were given the right to vote, drive and be employed…the world did not end; so I want to know exactly why the world will end, why society and government will fall, why the skies will rain blood and the seas will turn to ash if same-sex marriage become legal.

In a world where people in third world countries are dying, children are being sold and trafficked and illicit substances are destroying families, jobs…lives even; why does it matter if a homosexual couple get married because at the end of the day it doesn’t hurt anyone, it doesn’t change anyone else’s life and hell..their wedding is probably going ten times for fabulous.

I don’t know…it’s been bothering me so that’s my opinion, that’s my thoughts and it something I would love the answer to.

Answer this, ignore this, think about it, don’t think about it; whatever you do after reading this is none of my business…I’m going to go eat my weight in M&M chocolate now…but that’s none of your business either xx

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