30 Day Yoga Challenge


The time has begun ladies and gentlemen! First post for the new website and tomorrow is the first day of September and Spring soon which makes it the perfect time to start something new!

So one of the things that I forgot to write in my little ‘Welcome’ post what that one of the newest venture of mine has been to start Mixed Martial Arts training. Not only do I get to learn to kick someone’s arse but hell, might help me get rid of a couple of kgs; I also get to have my fiance (Michael) to join, ‘couples who train together, stay together’–we’re both such losers but at least we laugh– anyways, as much fun as I’ve been having learning all about the jabs, crosses, hooks and take downs, sometimes you just need to do something to relax; and sometimes if you’re me you need to learn to relax. Which brings me to my first weekly post:

Seeing as the start of yoga was over 5000 years ago, people might be on to something when they starting about the benefits. In light of this and in an effort to increase my flexibility and decrease my crazy I have decided to embark on the 30 Days of Yoga.

I guess if I’m going to start any kind of weight loss efforts and healthy lifestyle (basically eating spinach six days a week so I can eat my weight in chocolate for one day), I’ll give you all the stats.

177cm tall, 81.5kg-it’s time to make a change (I’ll put photos up later I guess) but basically I used to weigh about 20kg less and now that I’m super charged to fix this.

I would like to make this VERY VERY clear, I am wanting to do this because I want to do this for me. If you happen to also be about my height and weight or even if you’re body type is different to mine and you are happy then DON’T CHANGE A THING! If you are not happy then make changes that you want to make. I want to right what is working for me and hear what is working for you, there’s no body shaming here- and if that’s what you’re here for then you need to leave.

During this little challenge I’ll give weekly updates here on how it’s going and how it’s changing me.

See you on day seven! xx

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